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During  the operation of Diane Mannion Writing Services we have undertaken numerous business copywriting projects. We often find that our clients require their documents or websites to be ghost written and we are willing to comply with this request and to sign an NDA if required. Please refer to our Ghostwriting page for more details.

The subjects that we have written about are many and varied, but here is just a sample of the areas that we have covered:

For any subjects that we haven’t previously written about, we have sound research skills and have a number of regular sources of genuine and reliable information. Although we utilise many research sources, all of our work is 100% original, so you never have to worry about plagiarism.

We have the expertise to tackle a wide range of business copywriting assignments.

Business Copywriting
Business Literature
Sales Copywriting

Diane Mannion Writing Services is able to meet your business copywriting requirements including business letters, reports, case studies and manuals, and we have many years of experience in this arena.

If you have a particular house style that you would like us to follow for your company reports, we are happy to comply. We will also undertake the necessary research and information-gathering involved in producing business literature. Throughout a number of years we have been accessing information utilising a number of reliable online and offline resources to conduct research and are therefore able to quickly access the necessary data.

Please refer to our Portfolio to see a selection of our completed business copywriting projects.

As well as writing reports, we can proofread or edit a report that has already been written. Please refer to our Editorial Services page for more details.

Some sales literature is produced with the obvious aim of selling a company’s goods and services, and this can be used to good effect. Despite the considerable presence of the Internet in business, companies still carry out effective marketing campaigns using the media of sales letters, or employing the services of a brochure copywriter or a  leaflet copywriter.

These can be used alongside web marketing methods in order to drum up business. Brochures and leaflets have the added advantage in that they can be handed out to the public at shops, trade shows, client meetings and so on.

Then there are the not-so-obvious media, which can often be more successful than conventional methods. These include case studies, press releases and trade magazine articles. The success of these types of media can be attributed to the fact that they are not overtly advertising the company’s services, but are instead regarded as informative. Therefore, people will often form an impression of a company by reading this type of literature.

In this way these types of writing media can often supply a customer with the information he or she needs prior to making a purchasing decision. They can also introduce a company to a potential customer who might otherwise not have been aware of that company’s offerings.

Diane Mannion Writing Services has experience in producing all of these types of literature and we realise that each one has its own style, tone and format. In crafting sales literature we ensure that we follow the principles of professional sales copywriting in order to elicit a positive response from the relevant readership.

If you would like to find out more about how our Sales Copywriting or Business Copywriting Services can help your business, please contact us at: dianewriting@gmail.com or by telephoning: 0044 (0)161 408 6668.

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