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The quality of your written materials can make a real difference to the public’s perception of your company. There may be a number of reasons for inaccuracies in your documentation or online copy, for example:

Unfortunately, potential customers will judge your company based on what they see in writing. When a company’s documentation contains inaccuracies, readers may view the company as: -

- Shoddy - Unprofessional - Disorganised - Careless - Lacking in attention to detail

By hiring professional editorial services you can transform their point of view so that they will see you as: -

- Organised - Meticulous - Professional - Thorough - Considerate towards customers

In fact they will probably see you as the type of company that they would like to deal with, helping you to win new customers. We offer a number of proofreading, editing and rewriting services to help you make the right impression on your readership.


Diane Mannion Writing Services will check your online and offline copy and make appropriate changes to spelling and grammar to ensure that the sentences are accurate and that they make sense. Additionally, we will check for typographical errors (typos) These usually involve mistakes in printing or typing, such as pressing the wrong key on the keyboard.


Editing is more in-depth than basic proofreading. As well as checking for accuracy, editing involves improving the quality of the website or document as a whole. Some of the things that our editors will look at are:

- Is the document easy to understand?

- Is the language level appropriate for the readership or type of customer?

- Are there inconsistencies in the use of verb tense or viewpoint?

- Does the document flow in a logical sequence?

This is an example of the areas that we will look at, but we would be happy to work in line with any specific editing requirements that you may have. Editing can be very specific in terms of the aspects included, and you may have heard the following terms used:

Copy Editing – involves preparing a document for print or  publication by correcting the spelling, style, grammar and formatting.

Line Editing - involves checking a document to ensure that it makes sense, is easily understood and flows correctly.

Content Editing – is more substantial than the above two types. Sometimes called ‘heavy editing’, it goes more in-depth and can involve changing the overall structure of the document to enhance it.

Developmental Editing – with this type of editing the editor works alongside the writer and suggests the approach regarding organisation and style of the work. He may be involved from the outset or adapt the structure and tone of existing work.

If you are unsure whether to opt for proofreading or editing, it may help to read our article: Proof-reading or Editing

Editorial Services


Our clients want documents rewritten for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes they need multiple articles about the same subject, but want to ensure that each article is different. Other times, they want the facts from several documents reworking into one more concise and up-to-date version.

Diane Mannion Writing Services can take care of all your rewriting needs and will ensure that your online and offline copy has an original voice.