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Copywriting New Websites
Having a new website copywritten can be a challenge. As it is probably your chief marketing weapon, you want to make sure that it sells your business, and that it gets noticed. That’s why we make sure that our web copy is sales oriented as well as applying the important fundamentals of search engine optimisation including keyword insertion as required.

You may feel that nobody could possibly know your company as well as you do. We aim to understand our customers, so we have designed our copyrighted website questionnaire. This asks all the relevant questions and helps you to figure out what material should be included on your website. It will also help us to pinpoint what is special about your company so that we can emphasise your unique selling points.

If necessary we will also research your company literature and look at similar businesses so that we can find out more about your industry or profession, and make you stand out from the competition.
Copywriting Existing Websites
Even if you’ve already had your website developed, Diane Mannion Writing Services can still take care of the copywriting for you. We have the specialist knowledge to recognise that writing for the web is a skill in itself. It doesn’t just entail placing a few keywords in the copy, but there are a whole host of other factors that have to be considered.

Please refer to our article: Website Writing – 10 tips for details of these factors. We can rewrite your web copy to ensure that it is optimised for search engines. We can also assist with ongoing copy for your website to make sure that it is kept fresh and reflects your current business trends.
Ongoing Support
Once you’ve gained a key position in the search engines, you need to stay up there, and there are many ways in which you can achieve this. One of these methods is to ensure that your web copy remains current. We can help you with this by means of:

 Updated copy reflecting any business/product changes

 Blogs

 News articles

 E-books

We also offer the following services:

Article Writing, Blogs and Press Releases – These help to generate interest in your website and your business, and can thereby get you noticed by potential customers. Please refer to our SEO Copywriting page for more details.

Website Proofreading and Editing – If you prefer to write your own copy but want it checked for accuracy, we can help with that too. Alternatively, if you want more than a basic proofread and want suggestions on improving the copy, we also offer a Website Editing Service.
At Diane Mannion Writing Services we are adept at copywriting new websites as well as producing additional copy for existing websites. Our staff can also rewrite your web copy to make it more attractive to search engines.
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